Intensive course GEO-DEEP-9505: Heat Transfer between Rock Units

September 2021 we will offer an intensive DEEP course (5 ECTS) on "heat transfer between rock units" in Tromsø. If you are interested in joining the course please save the dates September 6 - 10, 2021.


Figur: Intensive course GEO-DEEP-9505 - Heat Transfer between Rock Units. Illustration: Holger Stunitz 

Intensive course GEO-DEEP-9505 Heat Transfer between Rock Units.

Note that this is an one week intensive course (about 40 h) with physical participation in Tromsø. This includes lectures and practical work and a one-day field trip in the middle of the week in the Tromsø region.

If we cannot organize the course physically in Tromsø due to Corona pandemic and travel restrictions, it will be organized digital. (Please keep in mind that DEEP will cover accommodation cost and flight tickets for its members). 

Course content

This Special Topics course series explores state-of-the-art principles, methods, and techniques within selected topics in DEEP research school themes. During this course we will introduce the physics principle of heat transfer in solid materials and see the consequences of the processes on the tectonic development of crustal and mantle rocks.

In general, the course includes:

  • Short repetition of the topic relevant basics according to the selected course topic
  • In-depth theory of the course topic
  • Overview of relevant methods and data, and can if relevant include practical (laboratory) work
  • Detailed application scenarios
  • New developments in the field of the theme

Learning outcome

The students will gain specialized insight on themes of the Dynamics and Evolution of the Earth and Planets Research School, and:

  • have fundamental knowledge on the physical processes of heat transfer in rocks
  • be able to formulate the required input parameters for such models for different tectonic scenarios
  • be able to digest and critically evaluate modelling literature on the topic
  • be able to determine simple estimate of the transfer distances, temperature profiles, and P, T-conditions for different tectonic scenarios
  • be able to translate P, T-data determined from petrological modelling to tectonic models of changing P, T, t-conditions

Admission to the course

Open to PhD candidates enrolled in the Norwegian Research School for Dynamics and Evolution of Earth and Planets (DEEP).

Apply within 18 June using our online application form. (the registration form will be open May 18 - June 18, 2021)

PhD candidates who are admitted to other education institutions than UiO must apply for visiting PhD status. This is easily done through the same online application form. Applicants must be able to present original documentation on request.

Maximum number of participants 12 persons. We strongly recommend you register as soon as the registration form is open. 

Prior to the course

Prior to the course week the students will receive relevant information and course materials from lecturers in order for preparation.


A home exam counts 100% towards the final grade. In order to sit the final exam, a mandatory presentation must be approved.


  1. Prof. Stefan Schmalholz, Univ. de Lausanne, Switzerland
  2. Prof. Romain Bousquet, Univ. Kiel, Germany
  3. Dr Filippo Schenker, SUPSI, Locarno, Switzerland
  4. Dr. Mathieu Soret, Univ. de Orléans, France

Course responsible: 

Prof. Holger Stunitz, Department of Geosciences, UiT


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