Geodynamics and Plate Tectonic Processes (GEOV350) - Intensive course at the University of Bergen

Computer programming is a core skill for geophysicists. The overall goal of GEOV350 is to provide the students with a good understanding of computational geodynamics. The course will be taught one week in May 2021 if they get enough participants, so please register your interest within 15 December 2020 if you wish to take the course!

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Course description

A first goal of this course is to provide the students with an good understanding and programming kills in computational geodynamics. A second goal of this course is for the students to learn how to implement and use finite element techniques to solve problems in lithosphere dynamics.

In this course the students will learn a number of tools from numerical mathematics, including interpolation, integration, and solving simple partial differential equations using finite element techniques and write computer programs (in Matlab) that apply these methods on topics in geodynamics. These topics include thermal diffusion, elasticity and computational fluid dynamics applied to lithosphere deformation. The student will write a short report including a description of the model, the code implementation and with figures visualising their results.

5-days intensive course week

This one week intensive course is usually taught one week in May by Ritske Huismans at the University of Bergen and gives 5 ECTS credits upon completion.

For more information, see the course description.

Application process

PhD students  at the University of Bergen (UiB) registers for the course through StudentWeb as normal. If you are not with UiB, you register your interest through this online form within 15 December 2020.

Costs covered for DEEP members

All DEEP members will get their travel and accommodation costs in Bergen covered if they are accepted for this course. Contact DEEP at for more information.

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