Intensive course - Planetary Physics and Global Tectonics

3 - 7 October 2022 we invite you to join an intensive DEEP course (5 ECTS) to learn about planetary physics and global tectonics. Stephanie Werner is responsible for the course, and she invites other young researchers from CEED to teach: Mathew Domeier, Tobias Rolf, Fabio Crameri, Valentina Magni, Alexander Minakov and Agnes Kiraly. 

Course description

The course will give an introduction to the physics and tectonic processes that govern the properties and evolution of the Earth and other planets.

Full course description is found here.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course you will obtain a fundamental knowledge of:

  • how the Earth and planets in the Solar System form, and how this compares to other planetary systems.
  • planetary accretion and planetary evolution and how it is fundamental for describing the dynamics and properties of the Earth and planets.
  • accretion, differentiation and the planets’ heat budget.
  • planetary surfaces, the timing and patterns of (plate) tectonics.
  • how Earth’s figure, gravity field, rotation, mantle convection and tidal interaction modify and complicate the reconstructed movements on the planet’s surface.
  • how numerical modelling can be used for reconstructing planet’s structure and evolution.

Time and place

The course is taught intensively 3 - 7 October, 2022, in Oslo / UiO, but it can turn to hybrid form if it is more appropriate for the participants.


The course is centered on a one week session (about 40 h). This includes lectures and practical.

Course schedule will be published later on.

Prior to the course

Prior to the course week the students will receive course material and prepare for an obligatory presentation on a given topic. Course literature will be pre-selected and accessible to course participants in due time prior to the course.


Obligatory presentation on a given topic during the course week. The presentation must be evaluated as approved in order to take the final exam.

Home exam to be delivered up to one month after the course week and within the semester.

Expenses for DEEP members

DEEP will organise tickets and accommodation for all members. Travel and accommodation is covered.


This course is also open to registration for the international PhD applicants, but PhD candidates enrolled at the research school DEEP are the top priority group. We have 20 places in the course and DEEP members will have first priority.

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Please register within 5 September!


For more information about the course please contact: 

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