DEEPs virtual PhD Day 2020: Communication with impact

Participants in this communication workshop will get tools to prepare and implement an effective communication situation.

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You will learn to analyse the rhetorical situation and the recipient you want to influence and become aware of how nonverbal communication affects your message. Seasoned with tips and tricks from the acting profession.

A PhD candidate will benefit greatly if they can communicate their research and personal strengths effectively both at conferences, at their defence, at networking events and when searching for a career after the PhD. 

Workshop program

The workshop contains three activities:

  • 4 June the instructor Randi will introduce rhetoric’s and communication tools in an online session. 
  • You will get homework to prepare on your own. Randi will ask you to prepare a small presentation. 
  • You will present and get feedback in small groups on Zoom in week 25. We will arrange the groups and arrange a time after the registration deadline is over. All participants will get 15 minutes of training and feedback time. 


Register through our online form within 15 May 2020.


All activities will take place on Zoom. The room invitations will be sent by email - but if you have any questions on how to join, please contact 

The instructor

Picture of the lecturer
Photo: Randi Garmann Lønrusten

Randi Garmann Lønrusten has 19 years of experience as a consultant in communication and management development, and runs her own company Randi Garmann. She holds courses and lectures on communication, creativity and role awareness and has good expertise in presentation technique, pitching and customer dialogue. Randi has worked extensively with communication training at the managerial and project manager level for both private and public companies, as well as political parties.



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