New intensive course on Arctic tectonics, volcanism and climate at Svalbard

August 3 - 10 2018 the Norwegian research school DEEP offers an intensive course on Arctic tectonics, volcanism and climate addressing the diverse geological history of the Arctic region, including both onshore and offshore regions from Paleozoic to recent times.

Understanding circum-Arctic evolution from multiple datasets and perspectives. Photo: Grace Shephard

Course content

This course addresses the diverse geological history of the Arctic region, including both onshore and offshore regions from Paleozoic to recent times. It will focus on the interplay of plate tectonics and volcanism (including, arc, rifting and plume-related) and explore some of the outstanding region-by-region case studies/questions within the Arctic research community. Based in the gateway to the Arctic, Svalbard, the course will be complemented by a field trip.

Learning outcomes: The students will gain specialized insight into the circum-Arctic’s evolution including:

  • Linking onshore and offshore geological processes
  • Changes throughout the Palaeozoic and Phanerozoic
  • Understanding major volcanic events, magmatic systems, and climatic consequences
  • Plate tectonic events and visualize reconstructions using modern software
  • Relationship between surface and deeper mantle structure and dynamics
  • Insights into methodologies (e.g. geochronology, geophysics) and data acquisition in the Arctic
  • Regional focus on Svalbard geology and CO2 storage system through a field trip

Time and place

The course is taught intensively at UNIS, Svalbard, from 3 - 10 August 2018. Students will receive literature to prepare in advance and get approximately one month to finish a home exam after the lecture week.

More information and how to apply for the course

See our course page for more information about the course and how to apply for the course. Application deadline is: 23 April 2018


Special topics lecture series

The intensive course is part of the research school DEEPs special topics series. For more detailed information on course regulations, see: GEO-DEEP9500 - Special Topics on Dynamics and Evolution of the Earth and Planets

This course is organised in collaboration with the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) and NOR-R-AM. NOR-R-AM is a Norwegian-Russian-North American collaboration in Arctic research and education across several world-leading institutes.


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