Seminar and opening of the Ivar Giæver geomagnetic lab

The official opening of the national Ivar Giæver geomagnetic lab will be done September 7. Presentations and invited lectures are helt in the ZEB building, Aud 3. 

Ivar Giæver Geomagnetic Laboratory -

Ivar Giæver Geomagnetic Laboratory


13:00-13:30  Trond H. Torsvik: Welcome to CEED and IGGL: Our research and mission

13:10-13:30  Introduction  by Ivar Giæver

13:30-14:00  Pavel V. Doubrovine: Building a national geomagnetic laboratory

Invited lectures

14:00-14:45  Dennis V. Kent: TBA

14:45-15:30  Richard Harrison: The FORC awakens: rock magnetism's secret weapon

15:30-16:15  Suzanne McEnroe: TBA

16:15-16:30  Coffee break

Opening ceremony

16:30-17:30  Opening ceremony by Ivar Giæver: Cutting the red ribbon and champagne followed by a tour of the IGGL research facilities and informal discussions.

Welcome to all!

The national laboratory is named after Ivar Giæver, a Norwegian-American physicist who got the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1973 (1 of 3). Ivar Giæver is a professor emeritus at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in New York state, a Vista-professor and a professor-at-large at UiO.
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