The CEED Oslorift excursion and summer party


Wednesday, 20 June

09:00: The bus leaves from outside the ZEB building. It will take us

northwest of Oslo over Sollihøgda to Sundvollen.

Stop 1: Brief stop for a view up to the Kolsås mesa stucture, an

outlier of the Krokskogen lava plateau.

Stop 2a: Skaret, north of Sollihøgda: rhomb-porphyry (RP) lavas

and sediments.  Learn to map the RPs in 2 min before mapping them in 20-25 min!  We may walk down to:

Stop 2b: Further down in the RP-lava stratigraphy

Stop 3:   Enigmatic and unique features of the lowermost RP1-lava

at Sønsterud

Stop 4:  On the drive up Dronningveien: Inititial-rift sediments in the

Asker Group, the B1-basalt and more RP1-lava.

Lunch at Kleivstua with views to Ringerike and to the Krokkleiva-Kjaglidalen transfer fault. NOTE: Bring your own lunch, we get coffee and tea at Kleivstua

Stop 5: The Rytteråker peninsula in Tyrifjorden with

Silurian sandstone (Sælabonn fm) and limestone with fossilised coral reefs (Rytteråker fm).  Easy walk around the peninsula.

NOTE that this is a private area AND protected type locality, so no hammering, and follow the instructions on the signs.

Stop 6: Rhomb-porphyry dyke at Burudåsen, north of Sundvollen

16:00 - 17:00 (Weather dependent): Arrival at Sundvollen hotell.

19:00 Welcome drink and dinner at the hotel


Thursday, 21 June

10:00:  The bus leaves from Sundvollen hotel. The trip back to Blindern takes  45 to 60 minutes.

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