Lost Land Beneath the Waves, Indian Ocean

- Geological detectives are piecing together an intriguing seafloor puzzle. The Indian Ocean and some of its islands, scientists say, may lie on top of the remains of an ancient continent pulled apart by plate tectonics between 50 million and 100 million years ago. ScienceNOW. 24.2.2013. CEED researchers are among the detectives.

Coastline, Indian Ocean. Illustration photo: Colourbox.com

The article; A Precambrian microcontinent in the Indian Ocean in Nature Geoscience got several comments in international press in February 2013. In the Nature article researchers from CEED/Department of Geosciences, UiO, Norway, and researchers from Germany and Britain, suggest that the Indian Ocean has fragments of an ancient continental crust.


Lost Land Beneath the Waves. ScienceNOW. 24.2.2013. 


Other comments on the Nature artcle in international media:

BBC News, 26.02.2013.

Ancient continent hides beneath Indian Ocean. NewScientist, 24.02.2013

Fragments of Continents Hidden Under Lava in Indian Ocean: New Micro-Continent Detected Under Reunion and Mauritius. ScienceDaily, 22.02.2013.

Resten van oud continent ontdekt. nu.nl. 26.02.2013.

Un micro-continent préhistorique caché sous l'île Maurice et la Réunion. Le Monde, 24.02.2013


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