Guests from abroad

Dear visitor to CEES: If you are going to claim refund for your expenses, please follow the procedure described below.

Reimbursements are handled by the accounting section, not locally at CEES. For questions and contact information, see below.

During your travel and visit

It is important that you keep all original receipts. (Requirements for receipts)

After your visit

  1. Complete the form Account information - payments abroad (pdf).
    • UiO can only make payments to private accounts. If a payment has to be made to an organisation, we need an invoice instead (see the box "Sending an invoice to CEES/UiO").
    • The address on the form must correspond to the address registered by your bank.
    • Payments made to most European bank accounts must include both IBAN-code and BIC-address. Read the instructions on the form for payments to countries without IBAN-codes.
    • The field Beneficiary must include all owners of the account (e.g. MARIA AND JOHN ANDERSSON), not just the name of the person claiming expense refund.
  2. ​Complete the Expense refund form (doc) - (odt). Please note:
    • The Department/section at UiO is Department of Biosciences, CEES.
    • If you need to claim refund for expenses for which you don't have receipts, you might need to use the Travel expense form (pdf) instead. See the instructions or contact the Accounting Department if you have any questions.
    • Include the total amount in the box The amount covers.
    • For non-Norwegians date of birth is sufficient where it says Date of birth + Norw. id no. (if any), or employee no.
    • The lower part (Account/Artskonto etc.) is for administrative use only.
    • We appreciate that you submit the original receipts taped or glued to a A4 size sheet (you can attach several receipts at one sheet. Don't use staples).
  3. ​Send your receipts to the Accounting Department together with the two forms by regular mail or e.g. DHL/FedEx. See contact information. Mark the envelope with "Økonomiseksjonen", and provide information about either account string or project manager.
  4. Please allow for at least 6 weeks from when you send your claim until the money is on your account. A small discrepancy between the amount claimed and the amount paid might occur, but if the discrepancy is considerable please let the Accounting Department know as soon as possible.
Published Nov. 18, 2015 11:20 AM - Last modified Mar. 10, 2021 11:35 AM