Some statistical-physics inspired models in evolution and ecology

EXTRA CEES Seminar by Per Arne Rikvold. Note the day and time.


I will discuss and compare the dynamics and community structures in two individual-based models of biological coevolution of interacting species, that are inspired by statistical physics. The discussion will include power spectral densities of the fluctuations in species diversity and population size, probability distributions for species lifetimes and the duration of evolutionarily quiet periods, and comparisons of degree distributions for simulated food webs with data from real food webs. Finally, I will discuss our most recent results on a spatially extended generalization of one of these models.


Prof. Per Arne Rikvold
Department of Physics, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, USA

Other information
The CEES seminar room has a coffee-machine – it is therefore recommended that you come a bit earlier and get yourself a good cup of coffee (for the price of 3 NOK).

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