Presentations from the Theoretical Population ecology and Evolution Group at Lund University (Per Lundberg et al.)

CEES Extra seminars & One-on-one discussion

All speakers are available for one-on-one discussions 13.00-14.00 the same day. Send who you would like to talk to, and for how long, to

Program 14.15-17.00 (Open for all)

UPDATE: The talks will be given in this sequence:

1) Mikael Pontarp: On the origin of phylogenetic structure in competitive metacommunities

2) Jörgen Ripa: Niche conservatism through extinction-speciation cycles

3) Jacob Johansson: Adaptation of timing of reproduction in resident birds with social dominance hierarchies

4) Nadiah Kristensen: Eco-evolutionary model for arrival and laying time in migratory birds

5) Per Lundberg: The evolution of partial migration

More info on the speakers and the Theoretical Population ecology and Evolution Group (ThePEG) can be found at the research group's web page.

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