An etude concerning the evolution of virulence

Friday Seminar by Odo Diekmann.


The individual host is a cul-de-sac for parasites that reproduce within it and so parasite persistence relies on host-to-host transmission. As a consequence, natural selection acts on two intertwined levels. Adopting the Adaptive Dynamics approach, we study some of the consequences in the context of caricatural models for within-host dynamics. The inspiration came from a paper of Gilchrist & Coombs (TPB 69(2006)145-153) but we incorporate superinfection and thus deal with a variant of the milker-killer dilemma. We find that dimorphism may arise by a degenerate form of branching. The lecture is based on joint work with Barbara Boldin.

Other information
The CEES seminar room has a coffee-machine – it is therefore recommended that you come a bit earlier and get yourself a good cup of coffee (for the price of 3 NOK).
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