Late Lunch Talk: Dissecting the paradox of stasis in evolutionary biology (An ERC Starting Grant project)

Late Lunch Talk by Kjetil Voje

This Late Lunch Talk will also be available on Zoom:

Meeting ID: 627 8008 1049


Evolutionary biology is currently focused on analyzing observable change across a few generations (microevolution) and among-species comparative data (macroevolution). Our understanding of trait dynamics during the time interval in-between micro- and macroevolution needs to improve to better understand how observations on short and long timescales relate to each other. For example, why do most species in the fossil record exhibit negligible morphological change when contemporary populations often respond rapidly to selection? The overarching goal of the ROCKS-PARADOX project is to merge theory and data across paleontology and evolutionary biology in order to provide a deeper understanding of patterns of evolutionary trait dynamics across long and short timescales. Part of this work involves analyzing a large collection of data on within-lineage evolution – spanning decadal to million-year timescales. The project will also assess the effects of genetic constraints and evolvability on evolution beyond microevolutionary timescales.


In this talk, I will briefly introduce some of the ideas behind the project. I will also say a few words about my experience in writing an ERC Starting Grant.


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