Minisymposium: Transposons – the dark matter of genomes?

Minisymposium open for all! Talks by Grace Wyngaard, Kristian Alfsnes, Martin Malmstrøm and William Brynildsen Reinar. Start at 13.00.

Transposable elements and other non-protein coding structures constitute the major part of most genomes. Their role and effects are still poorly understood, but they cause a genomic flexibility that sometimes is striking, and they could play a prominent role in gene expression, immune protection and perhaps also in speciation. In this open mini-symposium various aspects of transposon activity will be presented and discussed.


13.00-13.15: Dag Hessen: Introduction to the C-value paradox
13.15-14.00: Grace Wyngaard: Programmed DNA Elimination in Copepods: A Complex Picture of Transposable Elements, Genes, and Short Simple Repeats
14.00-14.15: Kristian Alfsnes: Phylogeny and genome size in arthropods
14.15-14.30: Martin Malmstrøm: The role of transposon silencing in genome miniaturization
14.30-14.45: William Brynildsen Reinar: Transposable elements in teleost fish
14.45-15.00: Comments and general discussion

Hosts: Dag Hessen and Kjetill Jakobsen 

Published Sep. 22, 2016 9:51 PM - Last modified Sep. 23, 2016 9:35 AM