The Annual CEES Student Conference: 12–13 October 2022

Dear all CEES members: We are pleased to invite you to the CEES Annual Student Conference. Everyone affiliated with CEES (students, staff and guests), should attend the conference. The programme and abstracts are available.

    Programme and abstracts

    The conference

    Masters and PhD students will, as part of their training, present their research to date and/or plans for future work. Some Postdocs/Researchers will be asked to do so too. There will be short presentations of the different research groups at CEES. Participation is mandatory for all CEES members. Supervisors should take an active part in their student's preparations.


    There will be a dinner/party in the evening of day 2 of the conference (Thursday 13 October. This will take place at Nedre Løkka Cocktailbar & Lounge (Thorvald Meyers gate 89). We start at 18.00.


    • Wednesday 21 September: Deadline for registering.
    • Monday 3 October: Deadline for submission of final title, abstract and portrait photo. Contact your supervisor before submitting. Scroll down for link for uploading the file.
    • Friday 7 October: Deadline for submission of presentation. Scroll down for link for uploading the file.


    Registration form 

    We ask you to please submit the registration form even if you cannot attend the conference. If you can not access the registration form, or if you are not a member of CEES and still want to participate, please contact the CEES administraton.

    Speaking time

    The time slots are tentative. Check your allocated time with the final program.

    • Master students: 10 minutes if you have results to present. 5 minutes if you just started on your Masters.
    • PhDs: 10 minutes if you started on your PhD more than 6 months ago. 10 or 5 minutes if you started less than 6 months ago.
    • Postdocs: 10 minutes.
    • Thematic/group introductions: 5 minutes.

    For the persons introducing the groups

    You will also have the responsibility to chair the Q&A for the talks in your group. Please pay attention to the total time allotted to your group.


    We will produce a pdf booklet with submitted titles, abstracts and portrait photos. The booklet will be made available prior to the conference in the form of a pdf. The booklet will not be printed. The text you submit will be made publicly available. Do not write anything that can not be made publicly available (unpublished data etc.). Confer with your supervisor if necessary.


    Abstract with title and portrait photo

    If you are giving a talk: Please upload a document (e.g. a docx-file) similar to this template. The text you submitt will be made publicly available. Names of species should be typeset in italics. The abstract should be approximately 1200-2400 characters with spaces. A supervisor should read through the abstract before submitting.  Please also upload a portrait photo of yourself. Include your name in the name of the file(s). 

    Upload abstract and photo 


    If you are giving a talk: Please upload your presentation as a PowerPoint-file or pdf. Include your name in the title of the file. You don't have to use a particular template, but your name and position at CEES (e.g. "Masters student") should appear on the first slide.

    Upload presentation


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