FISHCOM: Addressing uncertainty in FISHeries management in a zooplankton-fish COMmunity under humaninduced perturbations

About the project

In this project we address the uncertainties associated with the management of marine resources. The project is structured in three inter-connected work packages (WPs) and addresses the full bio-economic range from the lower trophic levels though commercially important fish up to human behavior.


In the first WP, we will investigate different management strategies accounting for uncertainty associated with harvesting at lower trophic levels and mass mortality events. We explore different management strategies for mitigation of economic loss due to mass mortality events at early life stages of fish.

Next we will explore possible consequences on fish stocks of harvesting at lower trophic levels using Krill and Calanus in the Barents Sea as study system. In the second WP, we will address the inherent uncertainty connected to choice of model structure.

By investigating yield-optimizing harvesting in a suite of different population and community models, we will be able to quantify the effect of model uncertainty on management scenarios.
In the third WP, we will develop better models for resource dynamics in bio-economic models to increase our understanding of the human response to a sudden shift in the marine ecosystem.

Finally, we will conduct an economic experiment, were we aim to better understand how the human response to sudden shifts depends on their own ability to prevent the shift


figure showing overview of the fishcom project workpackages


This Project is funded by the Research Council of Norway (RCN) (MARINFORSK)

RCN Project Number: 280467 (Project data bank at RCN)

UiO Project Number: 144648


01.03.2018 - 30.11.2021


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  • Diekert, Florian Klaus; Goeschl, Timo & König, Christian (2019). The Nature of Experience.

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