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Phone +47 22854078
Room 3323
Visiting address Blindernveien 31 0371 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1066 Blindern 0316 Oslo


The focus of my work is the influence of  environmental variability on trophic interactions. I am particularly interested in the relationship between food abundance, time synchrony and reproductive success. I  specialize in top predators in marine systems (penguins, kittiwakes, etc.) but my studies range from seabirds to plankton. Lately, most of my work is turning around the commercial fish stocks of the Barents Sea and the relation with their prey and predators. I am fully involved in the marine research conducted at the CEES by leading the Marine Ecology Group and editing its blog (Marine Science Blog).

I received a Doctorate in ecophysiology in France with a dissertation focused on the energetic constraints put on organisms by the environment. During that time, my research spanned a broad spectrum of ecophysiological topics, most of which were rooted in Avian energetics. I was particularly interested in understanding how animals cope with the energy constraints imposed by their annual cycle (reproduction,growth, wintering). To address this question, I studied several animal models (e.g. small raptor in Europe, seabirds in sub Arctic environments) using ecophysiology methods of investigation (telemetry and direct measurements on the field compared to experiments in laboratory) during the annual cycle (reproduction, growth, wintering). During the same period and for seven years I was statutory teacher of biology and geology at different school levels. 

I obtained an Habilitation in science from the University of Strasbourg, France, in June 2014.

I am Core member at CEES since 2015 and Senior Researcher SKO1183 since January 2016

Scientific pledge

I have read and promise to adhere to the NENT.

Tags: Food web dynamics, climate change ecology, Climate effects, Ecology, Ecophysiology, Fish, Food webs, Marine ecology, Ornithology, Population ecology, Seabirds, Phenology, Russia, USA, South Africa, Nordic
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