Platform Viral Aquamedicin (completed)

Platform for Viral Aqua medicine

About the project

This project gathers Norwegian expertise on both viral and host factors affecting viral disease progression. We focus on infectious salmon anaemia virus (ISAV) and infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (IPNV), both representing major disease problems in Norwegian aquaculture, as well as representing good models, as they differ in both innate and adaptive host defence strategies. The overall goal of the project is to advance the understanding of the virulence mechanisms of the viruses and host responses upon infection. Understanding the complex network of cellular antiviral processes and virus host interactions will facilitate improved control strategies against virus infection in farmed fish. Reverse genetics systems for ISAV and IPNV will be developed as optimal tools for understanding viral virulence factors as well as enabling design of "safe" attenuated vaccines. Furthermore, studies of MHC peptide antigen presentation will provide knowledge about peptide epitopes optimal for targeted subunit vaccines. Technologies optimized for fish such as reverse genetics for ISAV and IPNV, and MHC class I tetramers will be developed in collaboration with national and international scientists.


This project funded by the Research Council of Norway through the Norwegian Veterinary Institute.


Universitetet i Tromsø


Pisces Molecular

Probe Plateform (UiB)

Molecular Imaging Center (UiB)


Start: 1.6.2008. End: 31.12.2012.


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