Evolutionary Monographs

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Volume 1: The comparative osteology and phylogeny of the Beryciformes (Pisces: Teleostei), by Steven J. Zehren. 391 pp., 1979

Volume 2: Fossil history of the rodent genus Sigmodon, by Robert A. Martin. 37 pp., 1979.

Volume 3: Swain Quarry of the Fort Union Formation, Middle Paleocene (Torrejonian), Carbon County, Wyoming: Geologic setting and mammalian fauna, by J. Keith Rigby, Jr. 185 pp., 14 plates, 1980

Volume 4: Biology of Ithycerus noveboracensis (Forster) (Coleoptera) and weevil phylogeny, by Michael Sanborne. 80 pp., 33 plates, 1981.

Volume 5: The New World species of Cynanchum, subgenus Mellichampia (Asclepiadaceae), by Eric Sundell. 63 pp., 1981.

Volume 6: Miocene-Pleistocene Planktic Foraminifera from D.S.D.P. sites 208 and 277, and phylogeny and classification of Cenozoic species, by Barry G. Fordham. 200 pp. plus 25 plates, 1986.

Volume 7: On competition, by C.T. de Wit. 82 pp., reprinted 1986.

Volume 8: A revision of the genus Prionocera (Diptera: Tipulidae), by Fenja Brodo. 93 pp., 1987.

Volume 9: Revision of the Nearctic Dicrotendipes Kieffer, 1913 (Diptera: Chironomidae), by J.H. Epler. 102 pp. plus 37 plates, 1987.

Volume 10: Paleocene dinosaurs or Cretaceous ungulates in South America? by Leigh M. Van Valen. 79 pp., 1988.

Volume 11: Revision of the weevil genus Tyloderma Say (Col.: Curculionidae) in Mexico, Central America, South America, and the West Indies, by Guillermo J. Wibmer. 118 pp., 1989.

Volume 12: A comparative study of the developmental osteology of Syngnathus scovelli and Hippocampus zosterae (Pisces: Syngnathidae) and its phylogenetic implications, by Marie Y. Azzarello. 90 pp., 19 plates, 1990.

Volume 13: Global extinctions, recoveries and evolutionary consequences, by John C. Briggs. 47 pp., 1990.

Volume 14: La fauna local de Punta Peligro, Paleoceno inferior, de la provincia del Chubut, Argentina, by J.F. Bonaparte, L.M. Van Valen, and A. Kramartz. 61 pp., 6 plates, 1993.

Volume 15: The origin of the plesiadapid primates and the nature of Purgatorius, by Leigh M. Van Valen. 79 pp., 9 plates, 1994.

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