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Low-cost and rapid publication of papers with direct or indirect importance (but real importance) to the development of theory. Purely description papers may appear and competent but routine theoretical work may be rejected. Length of papers is irrelevant to acceptance but unnecessary verbiage must be stringently eliminated. Quality of papers will be maintained at a high level even if acceptable papers come infrequently. Unconventional approached are welcomed.


There has for time been a proliferation of discriminatory restrictions on length of papers coupled with mandatory page charges or discriminatory treatment depending on the payment of page charges. Delays in publication time are long and often increase. Originality of work is elsewhere inversely related to its acceptability. The journal is not a substitute for others.


The evolutionary half of biology: that part of biology where the center of interest is on organisms and populations, i.e., on the phenotype and its various interrelations rather than on molecules and cells for their own sake. This includes, but is not restricted to, ecology, paleontology, population genetics, plant and animal systematics, molecular evolution, comparative physiology and behavior, anatomy, biological philosophy and history (at the professional level, not meanderings), comparative cytology, anthropology, developmental patterns, and biogeography.


Evolutionary Theory / Department of Ecology & Evolution / The University of Chicago / 1101 East 57th Street / Chicago Illinois 60637-1573 U.S.A

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