Harish Pruthviraj Jain

Amandine Kaiser


PhD candidate

Research group | Njord
Main supervisor | Luiza Angelutha
Co-supervisor | Anders Malthe-Sørenssen
Affiliation | Department of Physics, UiO
Contact | harishpj@fys.uio.no

Short bio

I am from India and my mother tongue is Marwadi. I did my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore, India and my masters in Computational Modelling and Simulation from Dresden, Germany. During my masters, I worked on a field based multicell model that considers cells as deformable bodies. The cells in the model grow, divide, move, and interact with each other. The cells are circular in absence of interaction with other cells, and change their shape based on forces from other cells. I also worked on agent based modelling of evolution of cancer cells. Here, I explored the relations between the genotype, phenotype and the environment of the cell.

Research interests and hobbies

I am interested in helping to unravel some of the enigmatic secrets of life. I am open to explore all possible means of understanding life. In my free time, I like to do yoga, read, draw, cook, hike and play basketball. I am also excited to try out new hobbies for example, skiing.

CompSci project

Project 4.3

Mesoscale modelling of turbulence and swarming behaviour in soft active matter


I will be studying active matter with the primary system being cellular monolayers. I will explore the role of topological and mechanical features in various cellular processes including division, morphogenesis, extrusion, migration, etc. I will also study active particles immersed in fluids for example bacteria. My approach would be an interplay between theory and



CompSci publications

None yet.

Previous publications

  1. Jain, H.P., Wenzel, D. & Voigt, A. (2021) ‘The impact of contact inhibition on collective cell migration and proliferation’, ArXiv:2108.04743.


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