Verónica Suaste Morales

Verónica Suaste Morales


PhD candidate

Research group | DNA-Repair
Main supervisor | Hilde Loge Nilsen
Co-supervisor | Einevoll and Domanska
Affiliation | Department of Biosciences, UiO
Contact |

Short bio

I studied my bachelors in mathematics at University of Guanajuato in Mexico and later on I did my masters in Computer Science at Brock University in Canada where I studied lossy compression techniques for quality values in next-generation sequencing data. 

Before starting my PhD, I worked for the National Commission for Use and Knowledge of Biodiversity in Mexico (CONABIO) in a team developing Zendro, a software tool to quickly integrate data from different fields and sources.

Research interests and hobbies

I am deeply interested in evolution, genetics, neuroscience, consciousness, and everything that has to do with how the brain works. I also enjoy programming, that is why I am always involved in bioinformatics projects.

Other than science, I love playing ice hockey, even better if it is with my team back in Mexico. I enjoy reading, biking, yoga and dancing.

CompSci project

Project 2.3

Characterization of DNA damage response ageing signature


The main goal of this research is to find and understand signatures of DNA damage response driving aging through computational modeling and bioinformatics analyses.

We aim to define a DNA damage response (DDR) driven aging signature that predicts benefit from NAD+  supplementation and validate DDR aging signatures for human relevance in patients with the DDR deficiency disease Ataxia Telangiectasia (AT).

For this purpose, we will make use of biomaterial and clinical data from an ongoing trial of NR supplementation in children and adolescents with AT that is being performed within the same research group. My responsibility will be to develop pipelines for analyzing in an integrated manner multi-omic data and clinical variables, as well as to help extract biological insights from it.



CompSci publications

None yet.

Previous publications

  1. Suaste,V., Caudillo, D., Shin,B.S., and Klette, R. (2013) "Third-eye stereo analysis evaluation enhanced by data measures", 5th Mexican Conf. Pattern Recognition. LNCS 7914, Queretaro, Mexico pages 74-83.
  2. Khan, W., Suaste, V., Caudillo, D., and Klette, R. (2013) "Belief propagation stereo matching compared to iSGM on real-world video data", IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV 2013), Gold Coast, Australia 2013.
  3. Morales, V. S., and Houghten, S. (2021) "Lossy compression of quality values in sequencing data" IEEE/ACM transactions on computational biology and bioinformatics, 18(5), 1958–1969.


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