Associate Professor Tuyen Trung Truong

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Affiliation: Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo


Research interest

II work in both pure and applied mathematics. In applied mathematics, I work in non-convex Optimisation with applications to Deep Neural Networks (DNN), utilising my expertise in analysis, geometry, dynamical systems. 

I have worked with both researchers in academia and in industry (Axon AI Research, Torus Actions SAS and ODI Medical AS). It is no question that optimisation plays a crucial role in training DNN - both discrete and ODE versions, and hence a good algorithm with both good theoretical justification and demonstrated experimental performance is of great help and need. My research is exactly at the front of this. 

Short bio

I received  PhD in mathematics from Indiana University (USA) in dynamical systems and complex variables. I was a postdoc at Syracuse University (USA), KIAS (South Korea) and University of Adelaide (Australia). Since 2017, I have been an Associate Professor in Department of Mathematics (UiO). I have received several awards, including fellowships and awards in my PhD study, Research in pairs awards from Italy and Switzerland, and some of my papers are mentioned in invited talks at ICM 2014 and 2018.

I have been funded from Research Council of Norway for a project working on several aspects of dynamical systems and computational issues, which can be helpful in understanding the behaviour of numerical methods in optimisation in Deep Learning. I have been supervising a PhD student in pure mathematics and an industrial PhD student in medical imaging. I serve as an Editor for the journal Experimental Results (Cambridge University Publishing).

Besides, I also have accounts on Quora and Reddit answering questions related to optimization in Deep Learning.  

Supervisor for the following CompSci project

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