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First Aid Course

The faculty is offering basic first aid course to all employees. You will learn skills to handle adverse events at the work place, at home and in your spare time.

Remember that all adverse events must be reported using the adverse event report at the University.


The basic first aid course aim to enable our employees to manage acute illnesses and accidents.


The course is practical and you will learn how to:
  • perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • remove items from the air tube (choking)
  • handle acute heart illness
  • handle persons with symptoms of a stroke
  • handle injured people
  • handle cuts, bruises, and burn injuries
  • how to act in a car accident and removing of motorcycle helmet
  • how to use a defibrillator


The course is offered to all employees at the faculty. There is a limit of 15 persons to each course. The course is also offered in English.

Your institute can choose to organize their own first aid course. The central HSE Unit  offers 3 hours courses with focus on first aid in the laboratory. Read about HSE-courses at the University of Oslo.


5 hours.

Course Fee

The course is free of charge. Lunch is served.

Course offered

Our courses are delivered by Lisbeth Unique Training. The courses are administered by the HR/HSE-section at the faculty. Our aim is to offer courses every semester.


Serious accidents

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