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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Martinsen, Per Øivind +47-22857092 +47-99707732
Picture of Bård Enger Mathiesen Mathiesen, Bård Enger Principal Engineer +47-22854567
Picture of Cecilie Mathiesen Mathiesen, Cecilie Head Engineer +47-22845982
Picture of Helena Båserud Mathisen Mathisen, Helena Båserud Senior Executive Officer +47-22855944 mandatory assignments
Picture of Paul Aleksander Maugesten Maugesten, Paul Aleksander Senior Executive Officer +47-22855907
Picture of Anna Virginia Black  Mazzarella Mazzarella, Anna Virginia Black Senior Executive Officer - on leave Exchange, PhD, Web publishing, Student guidance
Picture of Daniel Meisler Meisler, Daniel Senior Executive Officer +47-22854498
Mellbye, Ann Elisabeth Senior Adviser +47-22854611
Picture of Elina Melteig Melteig, Elina Adviser +47-22844304 Media, Press contact, Web editor, Social media, SMN, Communication
Picture of El Houssine Merrachi Merrachi, El Houssine Senior Engineer +47-22857437 Teaching Laboratory
Picture of Eva Michelsen Ekroll Michelsen Ekroll, Eva Advisor, on leave +47 975 38 447 Communication, event coordinator, recruitment, social media
Picture of Agnes Midttun Midttun, Agnes Higher Executive Officer +47-22856511
Picture of Helge Midtun Midtun, Helge Senior Adviser +47-22856394 95744912
Picture of Bjørg Mikalsen Mikalsen, Bjørg Adviser +47-22854360 Research support, Cristin, External funding
Picture of Inge Mikalsen Mikalsen, Inge Principal Engineer +47-22857395 Instrument workshop
Picture of Anne Cathrine Modahl Modahl, Anne Cathrine Head of Office +47-22852430
Picture of Anders Moen Moen, Anders Head Engineer +47-22858517
Picture of Thea Fossum Moen Moen, Thea Fossum Higher Executive Officer +47-22844226
Picture of Beata Urbanczyk Mohebi Mohebi, Beata Urbanczyk Head Engineer +47-22845671
Picture of Anne Odrun Husby Mork Mork, Anne Odrun Husby Senior Adviser +47-22856717
Picture of Steinar Mortensen Mortensen, Steinar Administrative Manager +47-22856752 +47-95217118
Picture of Henrik Munthe-Kaas Munthe-Kaas, Henrik Higher Executive Officer +47-22852953
Murtnes, Espen Senior Executive Officer +47-22856407
Picture of Katrine Myra Myra, Katrine Higher Executive Officer +47-22844811
Picture of Øyvind Mørkedal Mørkedal, Øyvind Adviser +47-22855513