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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Marta Gomez Munoz Gomez Munoz, Marta Adviser +47 45120371 m.g.munoz@mn.uio.no CompSci, Research support, International cooperation, Events
Granberg, Maiken Skjørestad Senior Executive Officer m.s.granberg@mn.uio.no
Grenheim, Line Senior Executive Officer +47 22845784 line.grenheim@econ.uio.no
Picture of Ellen Kristine Grøholt Grøholt, Ellen Kristine Senior Adviser +47 22844865 e.k.groholt@mn.uio.no Student and Academic Administration, Exchange, Recognition, Mobility, International cooperation
Picture of Torunn Standal Guttormsen Guttormsen, Torunn Standal Senior Adviser +47 22854272 t.s.guttormsen@mn.uio.no Personnel administration, Appointments, Leaves of absence
Picture of Yvonne  Halle Halle, Yvonne Senior Executive Officer 22856346 yvonne.halle@matnat.uio.no Student and Academic Administration, Programme descriptions, Courses, Quality of education, Learning environment, Web publishing
Picture of Christoffer Redmund Hals Hals, Christoffer Redmund Senior Adviser +47 456 65 996 c.r.hals@mn.uio.no
Picture of Anne-Lise Siljeholm Hansen Hansen, Anne-Lise Siljeholm Senior Adviser +47 22858093 +47 48276884 a.l.s.hansen@mn.uio.no
Picture of Helene Victoria  Haynes Haynes, Helene Victoria - on leave
Picture of Kine Lundhagen Hesselroth Hesselroth, Kine Lundhagen HR Manager +47 97077076 k.l.hesselroth@mn.uio.no
Picture of Elise Hilland Hilland, Elise Adviser +47 22845780 elise.hilland@mn.uio.no
Ho, Thi My Ly Adviser t.m.l.ho@mn.uio.no
Hodee, Tina Cecilia Isabelle Adviser t.c.i.hodee@mn.uio.no
Picture of Ina Hodnebrug Hodnebrug, Ina Senior Executive Officer +47 22856334 ina.hodnebrug@mn.uio.no Student and Academic Administration, Internship MN, Quality of education, HSE
Holmlund, Olga Adviser olga.holmlund@mn.uio.no
Picture of Nina Holtan Holtan, Nina Adviser +47 22854424 nina.holtan@mn.uio.no Personnel administration, Appointments, Leaves of absence
Horn, Geir Senior Adviser +47 22840954 +47 93059335 geir.horn@mn.uio.no
Picture of Hilde Hvistendahl Hvistendahl, Hilde Senior Adviser +47 22855648 hilde.hvistendahl@mn.uio.no EU, Project management, International cooperation, Research support
Haavik, Sølvi - on leave
Picture of Anita Isaksen Isaksen, Anita Administrative Manager +47 22844762 +47 41625289 anita.isaksen@mn.uio.no
Picture of Marianne Jacobsen Jacobsen, Marianne Senior Adviser +47 22858319 marianne.jacobsen@mn.uio.no Student and Academic Administration, Recognition, Student life, Student guidance, Infocentre, Web publishing
Picture of Elena Jakobsen Jakobsen, Elena Adviser +47 22857357 elena.jakobsen@mn.uio.no Budget, Accounts, HR-system, Economy, Oracle, Basware, Reporting
Picture of Bjørn Jamtveit Jamtveit, Bjørn Vice Dean (Prodekan) of Research +47 22856612 +47 907 30 358 bjorn.jamtveit@geo.uio.no
Joseph, Chrishny Adviser chrishny.joseph@mn.uio.no
Picture of Kristine Jøssang Jøssang, Kristine Senior Adviser +47 22857104 kristine.jossang@mn.uio.no Student guidance, Quality of education, Student and Academic Administration, Web publishing