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ERC Grants

The European Research Council (ERC) is a special program within The Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

The objectives of the ERC are to reinforce excellence, dynamism and creativity in European research and improve the attractiveness of Europe for the best researchers from both European and third countries, as well as for industrial research investment.

The MN Faculty has 18 granted ERC projects

ERC offers three types of grants, Starting Independent Researcher Grants (StG) for young researchers, Consolidator Grants (CoG) for intermediate researchers and Advanced Investigator Grants (AdG) for senior researchers.

Starting Grants (StG)

The ERC Starting Independent Researcher Grants (StG) boosts the independent careers of excellent researchers by providing adequate support at the critical stage where they are starting or consolidating their own independent research team or programme. StG targets young researchers with 2-7 years of experience.

Consolidator Grants (CoG)

Consolidator Grants (CoG) support excellent researchers with 7-12 years of experience and at the stage at which they are consolidating their own independent research team or programme.

Advanced Investigator Grants (AdG)

The ERC AdG encourage substantial advances at the frontier of knowledge by supporting excellent, leading advanced investigators to pursue ground breaking, high-risk/high gain research. The AdG targets researchers who have already established themselves as independent research leaders in their own right.

Completed ERC projects

The Faculty has completed several ERC projects.