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Collaborative projects coordinated by researchers from our faculty

Several of the special programmes within Horizon 2020 announce funds for small and large scale collaborative projects within research and researcher mobility. The coordinator has the main responsibility to carry through the project and is the connecting link between the European Commission and the project partners.

Below is the list of H2020 and FP7 projects coordinated by our researchers.


Unni Olsbye

Efficient CO2 conversion over multisite Zeolite-Metal nanocatalysts to fuels and OlefinS

Project duration: 2019-2023

Grant agreement ID: 837733

Call ID: H2020-LC-SC3-2018-NZE-CC

COZMOS aims to provide breakthrough technology for the conversion of CO2 to fuels and chemical-building blocks, which will decrease CO2 emissions by 1.9 tons CO2 for every ton of C3 product produced, with expected reductions in CO2 emissions of 0.4 Mtons CO2/yr in 2030 and 2.2 Mtons CO2/year from 2034.


Philipp Dominik Häfliger

3D Multi-Process Sequential Integration for Smart Sensor Interfaces

Project duration: 2018-2021

Grant agreement ID: 780548

Call ID: H2020-ICT-2017-1

3D-MUSE is concerned with 3D integrated circuit design in emerging ultra dense sequential/monolithic 3D CMOS technology.


Stephanie Werner

Planetary Terrestrial Analogues Library 

Project duration: 2016-2020

Grant agreement ID: 687302

Call ID: H2020-COMPET-2015

This project aims to build and exploit a multi-instrument spectral data base and joint spectral interpretation tools, in order to support the analyses of the space mission data. 


Hans Kristian Kamfjord Eriksen

Beyond Planck - delivering state-of-the-art observations of the microwave sky from 30 to 70 GHz for the next decade

Project duration: 2018-2020

Grant agreement ID: 776282

Call ID: H2020-COMPET-2017

This project is taking an iterative approach to detecting the primordial gravity waves created during the Big Bang.


Geir Horn

Multi-cloud Execution-ware for Large-scale Optimised Data-Intensive Computing

Project duration: 2016-2019

Grant agreement ID: 731664

Call ID: H2020-ICT-2016-1

The project's vision is to enable federated cloud computing for data-intensive applications, and provide the user with an easy-to-use unified cloud environment, hiding the complexity of a multi-cloud.


Truls Norby

High temperature electrolyser with novel proton ceramic tubular modules of superior efficiency, robustness, and lifetime economy

Project duration: 2014-2017

Grant agreement ID: 621244

Call ID: FCH-JU-2013-1

This project aims to develop scalable fabrication of tubular HTE cells with proton conducting electrolytes.

Final Report Summary


Arild Waaler

Scalable End-user Access to Big Data

Project duration: 2012-2016

Grant agreement ID: 318338

Call ID: FP7-ICT-2011-8

This project will provide scalable end-user access to Big Data, where results are continuously evaluated against complex TB scale data sets from Statoil and Siemens. 


Einar Broch Johnsen

Engineering Virtualized Services

Project duration: 2013-2016

Grant agreement ID: 610582

Call ID: FP7-ICT-2013-10

The main goal of this project is to simplify the development of virtualized services.

Result in Brief


Erik O. Pettersen

Metastatic Tumours Facilitated by Hypoxic Tumour Micro-environment

Project duration: 2009-2014

Grant agreement ID: 222741

Call ID: FP7-HEALTH-2007-B

The objective of the project aims at increasing the knowledge concerning the metastatic process in the hypoxic micro-environment at the molecular level in order to develop novel strategies for improved biomarkers for diagnosis as well as improved chemo- and radiotherapy.

Final Report Summary


Berit Smestad Paulsen

Multi-disciplinary University Traditional Health Initiative (MUTHI): Building Sustainable Research Capacity on Plants for Better Public Health in Africa

Project duration: 2011-2014

Grant agreement ID: 266005

Call ID: FP7-AFRICA-2010

The overall objective of the project is to create sustainable research capacity and research networks between the participants in Africa, collaborating neighbouring institutions, and the European project participants to obtain improved health in Africa and in relation to traditional medicine.

Final Report Summary


Truls Norby

EFFIcient and robust fuel cell with novel ceramic PROton conducting electrolyte

Project duration: 2009-2012

Grant agreement ID: 227560

Call ID: FP7-ENERGY-NMP-2008-1

The goal of the project is to develop stable and robust electrolytes and electrodes for proton conducting fuel cells. 

Final Report Summary


Helmer Fjellvåg

MAterials for High Energy Accumulators in Traction and Tools

Project duration: 2009-2012

Grant agreement ID: 227560

Call ID: FP7-ENERGY-NMP-2008-1

The project aims to take Li-ion batteries to the next level of performance, focusing on developing prototypes for the next generation of Li-ion batteries with a special focus on automotive applications (hybrid vehicles and electric traction) and handheld devices.

Final Report Summary


Ellen Karoline Henriksen

Interests & Recruitment in Science. Factors influencing recruitment, retention and gender equity in science, technology and mathematics higher education

Project duration: 2009-2012

Grant agreement ID: 230043


The main objective is to address the challenge that few young people (women in particular) choose an education and career in science, technology and mathematics (STM). 

Results in Brief