ERC Starting Grant (StG)


Trude Storelvmo

Mixed-phase clouds and climate (MC2) - from process-level understanding to large-scale impacts

Project duration: 2018-2023

Grant agreement ID: 758005

Call ID: ERC-2017-StG

The project aims to better understand the role that clouds play in global climate change, with a particular focus on cold clouds that can consist of both ice and liquid water. 


Florian Klaus Diekert

How nature affects cooperation in common pool resource systems

Project duration: 2016-2021

Grant agreement ID: 678049

Call ID: ERC-STG-2015

This project aims to establish how nature shapes preferences and incentives of economic agents and how this in turn affects common-pool resource management.


Hedvig Nordeng

Effects of Medication Use in Pregnancy on Infant Neurodevelopment

Project duration: 2015-2020

Grant agreement ID: 639377

Call ID: ERC-STG-2014

This project aims to generate novel insight on the role which medication prescribed during pregnancy may play in the development of neurodevelopmental disorders.


Koen Vervaeke

The role of 5HT3a inhibitory interneurons in sensory processing

Project duration: 2015-2020

Grant agreement ID: 639272

Call ID: ERC-StG-2014

This project aims to reveal novel functions of inhibitory neurons, and shed light on how top-down and sensory input is integrated.


Simen Kvaal 

Bivariational Approximations in Quantum Mechanics and Applications to Quantum Chemistry

Project duration: 2015-2020

Grant agreement ID: 639508

Call ID: ERC-StG-2014

This project aims to explore and apply an unconventional formulation of quantum mechanics to build computational tools: the so-called bivariational principle.


Ann-Cecilie Larsen

Resonant Nuclear Gamma Decay and the Heavy-Element Nucleosynthesis

Project duration: 2015-2020

Grant agreement ID: 637686

Call ID: ERC-StG-2014

This project aims at figuring out how atomic nuclei behave in extreme, astrophysical environments, like supernovae and neutron star collisions.


Adriano Mazzini

Lusi: a unique natural laboratory for multidisciplinary studies of focussed fluid flow in sedimentary basins

Project duration: 2013-2018

Grant agreement ID: 308126

Call ID: ERC-2012-StG

The objective with this project is to better understand the processes ongoing in the eruption conduit, and to understand the interaction between seismicity, faulting and magmatic volcanism. 


Sergey Neshveyev

Noncommutative geometry and quantum Groups

Project duration: 2013-2017

Grant agreement ID: 307663

Call ID: ERC-2012-StG

The aim of this project was to gain new insight in the structure of quantum groups by studying them with geometric and probability theoretical tools.

Final Report Summary


Snorre Harald Christiansen 

Structure and scaling in computational field theories 

Project duration: 2012-2016

Grant agreement ID: 278011

Call ID: ERC-2011-StG

This project aims to contribute to the interplay of geometry and numerical analysis by bridging the gap between Lie group based techniques and finite elements.

Final Report Summary



Hans Kristian Kamfjord Eriksen 

The anisotropic universe - a reality or fluke?

Project duration: 2011-2015

Grant agreement ID: 257080

Call ID: ERC-2010-StG

This project attempts to settle this question: Is our universe really anisotropic? Or are these recent claims only the results of systematic errors or statistical flukes?

Final Report Summary