Career support for MN's early career researchers

As an early career researcher, it is your responsibility to consider and plan your career, and as your institution, we consider it our responsibility to support you in this process. This webpage aims at providing you with the tools and know-how on how to build your identity and develop your career management skills to understand what your next steps are and how to get there.


What is a career?

UNESCO defines a career as the interaction of work roles and other life roles over a person's lifespan including both paid and unpaid work in an individual's life. People create career patterns as they make decisions about education, work, family and other life roles.

Career management skills

 A range of competences which provide structured ways for individuals and groups to gather, analyse, synthesise and organise self, educational and occupational information, as well as the skills to make and implement decisions and transitions.
– Sultana 2011 

Career management programmes

Planning your career may be one of the harder projects you will undertake, and it is in many cases an open-ended project. Your values and interests change. The job market changes. Your plans change. In order to best deal with changes, it is helpful to develop your career management skills. Through the career management programmes you will get training in how to map your own competencies, locate the job of your dreams, carry out strategic career choices and handle the big and small transitions in life, be it going from a PhD to a postdoc, from a postdoc to associate professor, or from academia to other sectors.  

Career Management Training

The career management training consists of stand-alone workshops. Most workshops will be open for both PhD candidates, postdoctoral fellows and researchers with a PhD.

Career Control for Researchers

PhD candidates enrolled in the Career Control for Researchers programme will follow four online modules spread over eight weeks, complemented by three webinars.

Postdoc Career Success Programme

Postdoctoral fellows and researchers enrolled in the Postdoc Career Success Programme will follow 15 online modules spread over seven months, complemented by personal advice and mentoring.