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Visiting PhD candidate at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

The status as a visiting PhD candidate gives you the possibility to follow the education and take examination in one or several courses for one semester. International PhD candidates are welcome to apply as long as a connection with a professor/research group at the University of Oslo is established and can be documented.

You will only be considered for admission to courses on PhD-level (9000-level) at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, including the course MNSES9100.

In order to successfully complete your application for the spring semester 2023 you must apply and submit the following within 15 Desember:

  • Official documentation of your admission to a PhD programme
  • Confirmation from your supervisor/administration that the course/courses you wish to follow will be included as a part of the training component in your PhD programme.

International applicants are encouraged to also enclose a Letter of Recommendation from a professor/research group at the University of Oslo.

Visiting PhD candidates are exempted from paying the semester fee and going through the registration.

Please note that incomplete applications will be returned unprocessed.

The University of Oslo may request original documents. Lack of presentation of original documents on request will result in rejection of application for admission.

For PhD candidates who are admitted to a PhD programme after 15 Desember

Many of our 9000-level courses are also offered as a master version on 4/5000-level. It is your responsibility to make sure that you will be able to use master courses in your PhD programme.

You must apply for admission to individual science courses on master's level if the courses are approved by your faculty/university. In this case you are no longer concidered to be a visiting PhD candidate and you will have to register for the semester and pay the semester fee.


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