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Admission to Single course studies on Master’s level

Step 1: Apply for single course studies by 15 December

Norwegian and Nordic citizens and applicants residing in Norway and the Nordic countries, may apply for single courses offered in English on Master’s level at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Please note that the English proficiency requirement will be strictly enforced for admission.

The University of Oslo may request original documents. Lack of presentation of original documents on request will result in rejection of application for admission.

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Step 2: Register for vacant courses from 14 January at 9 am

  • From 14  January at 9 am you may register for single courses in Studentweb
  • Some courses may have restricted admission, a required previous knowledge or a required sequence of courses. For more information, please see the webpage for courses offered in English.

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Step 3: Pay the semester fee and complete semester registration by 1 February 2020

Semester fee: the semester fee (including Kopinor fee) must be payed by 1 February 2020. Continuing students will find the payment information in Studentweb.

Semester registration: the deadline for registration in Studentweb is 1  February 2020.

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