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Facts and Figures

Pharmacy is the science of pharmaceutics and lies at the threshold between the natural sciences, health subjects and social sciences. This interdisciplinarity is reflected both in our study programmes and in our research.

Interdisciplinary research profile

Several of our research groups are interdisciplinary and transcend section, department and faculty divisions.

We cooperate on research with a number of environments both nationally and internationally. We collaborate with other academic institutions, regional health authorities and the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmacy study programmes and courses

Each year some 50-60 students complete the five-year, integrated Master's of Pharmacy degree. We educate graduates for the pharmaceutical industry, research, public administration and academia. The education also qualifies the graduate to apply for certification as a dispensing pharmacist, and it provides the opportunity to seek employment as a chemist.

We are the only educational institution in Norway to offer a Master's degree programme in clinical pharmacy. This is a continuing educational programme for pharmacists. The work of clinical pharmacists includes optimizing pharmaceutical treatment for individual patients in order to achieve a rational and safe use of pharmaceuticals.

We also offer further education and continuing studies of shorter terms of duration.

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