Several new articles recently published

  • Gerd Marie Eskerud Harris, Mollie Wood, Malin Eberhard-Gran, Christoffer Lundqvist and Hedvig Nordeng: Patterns and predictors of analgesic use in pregnancy: a longitudinal drug utilization study with special focus on women with migraine. Read the article here.
  • Ragnhild E. Brandlistuen, Eivind Ystrøm, Sonia Hernandez-Diaz, Svetlana Skurtveit, Randi Selmer, Marte Handal, Hedvig Nordeng: Association of prenatal exposure to benzodiazepines and child internalizing problems: A sibling-controlled cohort study. Read the article here.
  • Kristina Gervin, Hedvig Nordeng, Eivind Ystrøm, Ted Reichborn-Kjennerud, Robert Lyle: Long-term prenatal exposure to paracetamol is associated with DNA methylation differences in children diagnosed with ADHD. Read the article here.
  • Bich Thuy Truong, Angela Lupattelli, Petter Kristensen, Hedvig Nordeng: Sick leave and medication use in pregnancy: a European web-based study. Read the article here
  • Hege Therese Bell, Aslak Steinsbekk, Anne Gerd Granås: Elderly users of fall-risk-increasing drug perceptions of fall risk and the relation to their drug use – a qualitative study. Read the article here
  • Anne Gerd Granås, Marit Stendal Bakken, Sabine Ruths, Katja Taxis: Deprescribing for frail older people – Learning from the case of Mrs. Hansen. Read the article here
  • Anne Gerd Granås et al: Provision of pharmaceutical care by community pharmacists across Europe: Is it developing and spreading? Read the article here
  • Angela Lupattelli, Mollie Wood, Kate Lapane, Olav Spigset, Hedvig Nordeng: Risk of preeclampsia after gestational exposure to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and other antidepressants: A study from The Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study. Read the article here
  • Ingivld Holdø. Jørgen G. Bramness, Marte Handal, Leila Torgersen, Ted Reichborn-Kjennerud, Eivind Ystrøm, Hedvig Nordeng, Svetlana Skurtveit: Hypnotics use in children 0–18 months: moderate agreement between mother-reported survey data and prescription registry data. Read the article here
  • Elisabeth Krefting Bjelland, Kartine Mari Owe, Hedvig Nordeng, Bo Lars Engdahl, Per Kristiansson, Siri Vangen, Malin Eberhard-Gran: Does progestin-only contraceptive use after pregnancy affect recovery from pelvic girdle pain? A prospective population study. Read the article here
  • Mollie Wood, Stavroula Chrysanthopoulou, Hedvig Nordeng, Kate Lapane: The Impact of Nondifferential Exposure Misclassification on the Performance of Propensity Scores for Continuous and Binary Outcomes: A Simulation Study. Read the article here
Published Sep. 13, 2017 5:34 PM - Last modified Sep. 28, 2017 10:43 AM