Guest Scientist at Cornell University

Acknowledging UiO:Life Science Internationalization support

PhD student Anna S Frank spent Summer 2019 as a guest scientist at the Department of Statistics and Data Science, Cornell University, New York, USA. Read more about her visit below. 

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Thanks to funding from UiO Life Science Internationalization support, I had the opportunity to spend two months (July-August 2019) as Visiting Scientist at Cornell University in New York, USA. My main affiliation at Cornell was with the Department of Statistics and Data Science. This short-term research visit builds on prior collaboration with Prof. David S Matteson and his research group, on the development of statistical methodologies in pharmacoepidemiology. See the following link, for information about my previous visit to the group:

The purpose of this follow-up visit was to provide a sound statistical grounding for a methodological approach that was developed during my previous visit. The methodology has since been applied in an article that is currently in revision.

Research activities and outcomes

The research activities included development of equations, computer coding, revision and verification of the proposed methodology. It also extended to revision of the manuscript, to address reviewer comments and concerns.

The role of internationalization for my PhD research

As a mathematician, the fields of Pharmacoepidemiology and Biostatistics were new to me, when I joined the Department of Pharmacy to pursue a PhD degree. Going aboard has improved my organizational skills, ability to write grant applications, and most importantly, to learn how to collaborate, communicate and work together with other international scientists. Furthermore, change in research environment, new exposure, 

and distance from UiO, has given me the freedom to acquire independent opinions about  my research, and interpretation of the research findings.


The two months at the Department of Statistics and Data Science was a very fruitful and stimulating experience. It enhances collaboration between UiO (Norway) and Cornell University (USA). This has been made possible entirely, by a UiO Life Science Internationalization grant, for which I am very grateful!

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