Two new “real-world” pharmacists strengthen the Social Pharmacy staff!

Clinical skills and communication are essential in training the futures pharmacists. We are very proud to strengthen our staff in Social Pharmacy with two “real-world” pharmacists. Below they present themselves. Welcome Vedrana and Hassina!!

Vedrana Rosic 

Vedrana Rosic. 
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I completed my Master in Pharmacy at University of Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 2011, as well as the Master in Pharmacy at University of Oslo in 2019. After graduation I have worked as a pharmacist responsible for drug registration and drug quality control for a local “grossist” in Bosnia and as a Sales Representative for EUROIMMUN diagnostics. I have worked at the pharmacy Vitusapotek Volvat-Oslo ever since I moved to Norway for four years ago and I’m still working there in addition to this lector position at UiO.

I will work on a project of developing a new master subject, communication training and certification of the master students in Health Services, with communication as a main field. I will use my competence in the assessment of the patients’ inhalation technique gained through my work as a certified pharmacist for Inhalasjonsveiledning and through my master thesis about the same issue.

I’m looking forward to give my contribution to one such important goal as to prepare master students for performing pharmaceutical services in their practice period in pharmacies.

Hassina Hassan

Completed the 5-year master's program in pharmacy at University of Oslo in 2014 with a master's thesis in galenic pharmacy. I have been working in pharmacies in various roles from 2010 until now. I got my first job as a pharmacist before completing my studies, with an agreement to become Pharmacy manager (Apoteker). As a pharmacist I was a supervisor for a master's student in practice from UiO, was responsible for professional training in the pharmacy and not least completed all the management programs in Apotek1. Already in 2015, I was offered a manager's job and later became Apoteker. In 2017, I started as Apoteker for a “ditt apotek” that would become Vitusapotek. Here I learned a lot about focusing on change management with new guidelines and requirements and the organizational concept. In 2018, I started a brand new Vitusapotek in Oslo. Here, both personal and managerial qualities with high ability to execute, good qualities for forming relationships, working with various professionals and having business understanding were crucial. Another important part of my job was to create internal routines, implement new guidelines and strategies and follow up processes.

In addition to being a Pharmacist, I work on updating the professional information that comes up in the system at Vitusapotek. These professional pop-ups contribute to helping and increasing the professional information in every customer meeting between pharmacy customers and pharmacy employees.

With a solid experience in leadership with broad responsibilities in pharmacy I am looking forward to do develop this new master subject in Apotekdrift. We will be using the Netherlands system GIMMICS and further develop it to suit Norwegian Pharmacy. The main goal for this master subject will be to prepare those students who have interest in pursuing a career in pharmacy, which the majority. I am sure this master subject will be of great help and motivation along the way for pharmacy student to reach the dream of becoming Apoteker.

Published Oct. 29, 2019 10:16 AM - Last modified Oct. 29, 2019 10:16 AM