Welcome Justine Benevent!

We are so happy to welcome Justine into our research group. Below she presents herself. 

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After completing pharmacy studies in France, I obtained a master degree in pharmacoepidemiology. I continued my education by a PhD in the field of perinatal and reproductive pharmacoepidemiology.

More specifically, my doctoral thesis focused on the evaluation of long-term effects after prenatal drug exposure. I have been working for three years in the unit « Drugs in pregnancy and lactation » at the Medicine University in Toulouse in France. The team working in this unit has implemented in 2004 a cohort of pregnant women and their offspring named EFEMERIS and POMME. They include more than 130.000 mother-children pairs. During my master, I acquired skills in biostatistics that I developed thereafter when I performed pharmacoepidemiological studies in EFEMERIS and POMME.

Since I became assistant professor in 2017, I have been teaching pharmacology and clinical-research methodology at the Faculty of Medicine and Science in Toulouse to medical students.

My research as part of Pharmasafe team will focus on the one hand on demonstrating solutions for studying intermittent medication exposures in diseases with episodic manifestations during pregnancy (using medication for migraine in pregnancy as an application), and on the other hand on the risk of childhood cancer after prenatal exposure to thyroid hormones.

Published Sep. 8, 2020 12:17 PM - Last modified Sep. 8, 2020 12:18 PM