New article from PharmaTox summarises the research on prenatal medication exposure and offspring epigenetic outcomes

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Illustration 1. Infographic summarising the main findings of the systematic literature review.

The systematic literature review, “Prenatal medication exposure and epigenetic outcomes – A systematic literature review and recommendations for prenatal pharmacoepigenetic studies”, was published in Epigenetics, and summarises the research on how maternal medication use during pregnancy may impact epigenetic patterns in the offspring.

We found that there is currently little consensus within the field, a discrepancy that may be due to both poor transparency in reporting and heterogeneity in both study designs, methodologies, and genome coverage. Therefore, we propose 10 recommendations that we hope may promote the quality and comparability of future studies within the field, which may ultimately strengthen the clinical relevance of the findings.

The work was conducted by the PharmaTox researchers Emilie Willoch Olstad (Department of Pharmacy), Hedvig Nordeng (Department of Pharmacy), and Kristina Gervin (Oslo University Hospital/Department of Pharmacy).

Read the full-length article here, and find the press release here!

Published June 22, 2021 8:43 PM - Last modified June 22, 2021 8:43 PM