New article from multiple PharmaTox-affiliated researchers!

Multiple PharmaTox-affiliated researchers have contributed to a paper now available as a preprint on bioRxiv! The preprint presents a novel multi-omics protocol to study early human brain development and neuropharmacological effects. Explore their searchable tool here!

Overview of the work presented in the preprint now available on bioRxiv. Illustration: Samara et al. (2022).

Lead by Prof. Ragnhild Eskeland and Dr. Robert Lyle, multiple PharmaTox-affiliated researchers have developed a novel protocol to better understand early human brain development. Using both transcriptomic and epigenomic data at four timepoints during the development of human embryonic stem cells into mature telencephalic-like neurons (see illustration), they comprehensively charted earl human neuronal differentiation. You can explore early neuronal development and the effect of medications in their searchable interactive gene analysis tool here!


Athina Samara, Mari Spildrejorde, Ankush Sharma, Martin Falck, Magnus Leithaug,  Stefania Modafferi, Pål Marius Bjørnstad, Ganesh Acharya, Kristina Gervin, Robert  Lyle, Ragnhild Eskeland. A multi-omics approach to visualize early neuronal differentiation in 4D. bioRxiv 2022.02.01.478732; doi:

Published Feb. 4, 2022 6:03 PM - Last modified Feb. 4, 2022 6:08 PM