The Board of the Department of Physics

The Departmental Board is the department's highest organ and has responsibility for setting overall objectives, prioritizations and strategies for activity. The present board was elected for the term 2017 - 2020.



Head of Department

Jøran Moen

Deputy Head of Department

Heidi Sandaker

Academic staff

Susanne Viefers, Andreas Görgen

Alternate members

Dag Kristian Dysthe, Anette Eleonora Gunnæs

Temporary academic staff 

Kristian Bjørke (elected for 2019)

Alternate member

Anja Røyne (elected for 2019)

Technical/administrative staff

Halvor Strøm, Hilde Lynnebakken

Alternate member

Hans Borg, Marit Larsen

Students (elected for spring 2019)

Knut Berge Sæbjørnsen, Eline Prytz Andersen

Alternate members

Johan Emil Linnestad, Cecilie Glittum


The Departmental Board is the department's highest decision-making organ. The Board sets overall objectives, prioritizations and strategies for the department. The Head of Department chairs the Board and, in collaboration with the Head of Administration, prepares the agenda to be addressed. The Head of Administration serves as board secretary, but is not a member.
The activity of the Board is regulated by the administrative regulations of the department.
The Board addresses agenda items including the following areas:

  • Budget
  • General plans, principles and prioritizations for activity laid down in long-term plans, such as, for example, the strategy plan and academic prioritizations for the department.
  • Approval of financial statements and annual reports is one of the Board's instruments for following up activity.
  • Recommendations for permanent, academic positions for which the Faculty is the appointing authority. 
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