Heidi Sandaker

Professor - High Energy Physics
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Phone +47 22856427
Room Ø384
Visiting address Sem Sælands vei 24 Fysikkbygningen 0371 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1048 Blindern 0316 Oslo

Academic interests

My main research motivation is to search for the answer to the questions: What does the Universe look like beyond the Standard Model, What is Dark Matter, What is the origin of the matter-antimatter asymmetry and What happened at the birth of the Universe and how did it evolve?

I am interested in particle physics, astroparticle fysikk and detector development to research data from ongoing experiments like the ATLAS detector (Dark Matter, Supersymmetry) at CERN and to build novel detectors and experiments like the Cherenkov Telescope Array and the upgrade of ATLAS for HL-LHC (silicon detector research) which may enable us to understand more in the future. I am also involved in an experiment which aims to measure the fall of antimatter in the gravitational field of Earth at the AEGIS experiment at CERN.

Students and Staff on my finished projects are now working in industry (computing, machine learning) or pursued an academic career (staff at CERN, personal postdoctor from the Norwegian Research Council, Marie Curie Fellowship, CERN PhD)

Courses taught

2007-2009 : FYS115 Quantum Mechanics and Statistical physics  (lecturer), University of Bergen

2015:  FYS 2160 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics (group teacher), University of Oslo

2016:  FYS 2130 Waves and Oscillations (group teacher), University of Oslo


2015 -  : Professor, University of Oslo

2015 -  : Professor II, University of Bergen

2010 - 2014 : Researcher University of Bergen

2007 - 2010 : Postdoctor University of Bergen

2005 - 2007 : Fellow CERN

2005 : PhD University of Oslo

Awards and grants

2014 - : Strategic Dark Matter Initiative , granted by the University of Oslo (leader)

2015 - : STREAM, EU International Training Network (partner)

2015 - : AEGIS – CERN related research, granted by the Research Council of Norway (leader)

2012 - 2015: Si-3DMiMic, NANO2020, granted by the Research Council of Norway (partner)

2012 - 2015: AEGIS, FRINATEK, granted by the Research Council of Norway (leader)

2009: Recruitment award from Bergen Research Foundation

2005: CERN fellowship


2017 - : Deputy Head of Department, Research

2017 - : Board member of the Norwegian Research School for Nanotechnology for Microsystems, University of Oslo

2017 - : Group member of the LHC Research Scrutiny Group, CERN

2016 - : Local director of the European School of High Energy Physics (CERN/JINR), University of Oslo

2015 - : ATLAS ITK collaboration board member, University of Oslo

2012 - : CTA collaboration board member, University of Bergen and Oslo

2012 - : AEGIS collaboration board member, University of Bergen

2010 - 2015: ATLAS Inner B-Layer (IBL) collaboration board member, University of Bergen

2010 - 2015: ATLAS ID and AFP collaboration board member, University of Bergen

2011 - 2012: Program board member of Norwegian Research Council International stipends (Yggdrasil, LE, Aurora, DAAD)


The ATLAS collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN

The Cherenkov Telescope Array Collaboration

The AEGIS collaboration at the Antimatter Decelerator at CERN

University of Bergen


Tags: Dark Matter, ATLAS, CTA, AEGIS, particle physics, astroparticle physics, detectors, supertsymmetry


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View all works in Cristin

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