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Published May 3, 2021 2:57 PM

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR/ESR) spectroscopy is a unique technique for identifying radicals and other paramagnetic substances.


Published Sep. 1, 2020 10:29 AM

The Oslo Cyclotron Laboratory (OCL) houses the only accelerator in Norway for ionized atoms in basic research. The laboratory serves as an experimental center for various fields of research and applications. The main field of research is within nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry. In addition, isotopes are produced for nuclear medicine.

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Published Nov. 13, 2019 7:23 AM

The flow laboratory together with the friction and interface lab from the Dept. of Geosciences provides high quality of analysis for UiO researchers and external partners. The laboratory also provides teaching at the Dept. of physics. The laboratory is used in the physics department to analyze different types of samples ranging from monitoring crystal growth to the characterization of biological materials.

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Published Sep. 18, 2019 9:19 AM

The cell laboratory is completely equipped for culturing mammalian cells and has instruments for measuring and controlling the oxygen level in the cells' micro environment. Cell irradiation facilities include a 220 kV X-ray machine as well as a cell irradiation set-up and a cell laboratory in connection with Oslo Cyclotron Laboratory for proton irradiation.