The Superconductivity Laboratory

The Superconductivity laboratory in Oslo is part of the department of Physics. It is a world leading facility involved in the study of flux dynamics in superconducting materials, and the characterization of magnetic and superconducting structures.

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Booking: Contact facility manager

Contact information: 

Facility Manager: Pavlo Mikheenko
Location: Sem Sælands vei 24
0371 OSLO


  • Magneto-optical imaging systems with cryogenic capabilities

Description of services:

  • Characterization of magnetic and superconducting materials
  • Study flux dynamics in superconductors, and domain behavior in magnetic materials.

About the Superconductivity Laboratory

The laboratory consists of several magneto-optical imaging systems, with complementary features. Using Faraday active MO-indicators placed on top of flat samples, the technique enables a non-destructive visualization of the perpendicular magnetic flux distribution within the sample. The resulting images recorded with slow or fast rate cameras reveal the homogeneity of a sample in relation to its magnetic response, representing invaluable characterization and diagnostics. In addition, such imaging, and the quantitative extraction of data, provide very useful information related to the vortex matter dynamics in superconductors, and the domain patterns and behavior in magnetic materials.



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