4D Space Tec

The laboratories at 4D Space are developed and equipped to assemble, inspect, calibrate and test instruments. The main focus is space instrumentation, but other disciplines are of course possible.

Booking and prices

Prices: Contact facility manager

Booking: Contact facility manager


Contact information: 

Facility Manager: Espen Trondsen
Location: Sem Sælands vei 26
0371 OSLO


  • Space Simulation Chamber
  • Vacuum chambers, pumps and equipment
  • Climate chamber (temperature and humidity)
  • Temperature chamber
  • Spin table
  • Precision rate table
  • Inspection equipment
  • Ultrasonic soldering (on non-solderable materials)
  • Streaming high speed camera with photo lights
  • Precision cable stripping machine
  • Variety of hand tools for crimping and assembly of cable harnesses (including coax)
  • SMUs (Source-Measure-Units)

Description of services:

  • Assembly of instruments/equipment
  • Calibration
  • Environmental testing, including in vacuum or ionospheric space plasma
  • Cabling/connector assembly
  • Inspection cameras and streaming high speed camera

About 4D Space Tec

In the Space Physics labs equipment is available for instrument assembly and testing. A variety of standard lab equipment is available for testing, characterization and calibration of instruments. The labs also provide equipment for some environmental testing, e.g. like temperature, humidity, spin, vacuum and space plasma environment.



Published Sep. 1, 2020 10:00 AM