Instrument Laboratory (I-Lab)

The Instrument Laboratory is a mechanical workshop that serve primarily the faculty of mathematics and natural sciences as a partner in developments and prototyping of new instruments for experimental sciences.

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Booking and prices

Prices: Contact facility manager

Booking: Contact facility manager


Contact information: 

Facility Manager: Hans Borg
Location: Sem Sælands vei 26
0371 OSLO


  • 3D-DAK program: Autodesk Inventor 2020
  • DAP program: Master X
  • CNC-controlled Microcut Machine Center
  • CNC-controlled Haas Machine Center
  • CNC-controlled Storebro Lathe
  • CNC-controlled Haas Lathe
  • 6 Manual lathes Celtic 12
  • 5 Manual Milling Machines (Schaublin, Deckel, Aciera)
  • Various drilling machines
  • Various sheet metal working machines
  • Various saws in different sizes and types
  • Sand / glass-blowing equipment
  • Polishing and grinding equipment
  • Equipment that allows us to solder and weld most materials, including using a TIG and MIG welding apparatus

Description of services:

  • Construction
  • Calculations
  • Analysis
  • Vacuumservice
  • Service and repair on vacuum pumps
  • Machining

About the Instrument Laboratory

The Instrument Laboratory (I-Lab) saw the light of day in 2016 through organizational merging of the three instrument workshops at the Department of Chemistry, the Department of Physics and the Department of Biosciences. The University has seen the usefulness and own development of new measuring instruments for experimental research as early as 1875 when the first instrument workshop was established at the Department of Physics. Today, I-Lab is divided into two units, Kristine Bonnevies house (IBV) and the Physics building (Physics), pending the move into new premises in the Chemistry Building. There are currently 12 permanent employees at I-Lab and in addition we have a training program so that we always have an apprentice in fine mechanics profession with us. There has been a rapid development in the instrument workshop from the very beginning where paper, pencil and file were important aids, until now mostly constructed and controlled from a PC.. I-Lab has traditional chip swapping machines such as milling and turning machines, 3D printers and per cd four CNC machines and a grant of three new ones standing on hold until the new premises are finished. More information about I-Lab can be found on our website.



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