NORTEM – The Norwegian Centre for Transmission Electron Microscopy


We provide access to high-end TEM infrastructure for materials physics, chemistry, geology and other physical sciences. The Oslo-node of NORTEM is hosted by the Department of Physics, and co-owned with SINTEF.

Centre organization

NORTEM is a consortium between the University of Oslo, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and SINTEF, establishing a large scale national infrastructure for TEM in the physical sciences. It consists of two nodes, one in Oslo and one in Trondheim.

Recent publications

  • H. H. Sønsteby, E. Skaar, Ø. S. Fjellvåg, J. E. Bratvold, H. Fjellvåg, and O. Nilsen. A foundation for complex oxide electronics -low temperature perovskite epitaxy. Nature Communications 11, 2872 (2020).
  • G. C. Vásquez, M. E. Bathen, A. Galeckas, C. Bazioti, K. M. Johansen, D. Maestre, A. Cremades, Ø. Prytz, A. M. Moe, A. Yu. Kuznetsov, and L. Vines. Strain Modulation of Si Vacancy Emission from SiC Micro- and Nanoparticles. Nano Letters 20, 8689 (2020).
  • J. Bonkerud, C. Zimmermann, P. M. Weiser, T. Aarholt, E. Førdestrøm Verhoeven, L. Vines, E. V. Monakhov, and F. Herklotz. Fabrication and characterization of Schottky barrier diodes on rutile TiO2. Materials Research Express 7, 065903 (2020).
  • P. A. Hansen, T. Zikmund, T. Yu, J. Nitsche Kvalvik, T. Aarholt, Ø. Prytz, A. Meijerink, and O. Nilsen. Single-step approach to sensitized luminescence through bulk-embedded organics in crystalline fluorides. Communications Chemistry 3, 162 (2020).
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