Courses at UiO

You can tailor your study program towards the space related degree. Several undergraduate and master courses that are highly relevant to the space degree are given at the University of Oslo. 

Some examples of space related courses are given below.

Full semester courses:

FYS3610 - Space physics

FYS4620 - An introduction to plasma physics

FYS4610 - Magnetospheric processes

FYS4630 - Transport of radiation in the atmosphere


Short courses:
FYS 2280 Space Technology


Other relevant courses:

FYS4150 - Computational physics

Courses at UNIS, Svalbard

AGF210 Middle Polar Atmosphere (15 ECTS)

AGF213 Polar Meteorology and Climate (15 ECTS)

Satellite Systems and Space Instrumentation (10/15 ECTS) (from 2018)

AGF301 The Upper Polar Atmosphere (15 ECTS)

AGF304 Radar Diagnostics of Space Plasma  (15 ECTS)

AGF345 Polar Magnetospheric Substorms  (10 ECTS)



Plan your studies well ahead, and if needed contact us for discussion and advice.



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