Space Education

4DSpace offers student education in space science and technology at all levels. Space science is highly interdisciplinary, and methods, tools and approach can also be applied to many other fields of science. Projects are often carried out within international collaboration. Here you will find examples of study opportunities. If you are a bachelor or master students you will find the list of relevant activities in corresponding articles. 

If you are interested in space, you will find exciting projects at 4DSpace!


As a bachelor student you have a possibility to start your space career early. We offer you workshops, summer schools, international student exchange, and specialised courses. You may even launch your rocket!

As a master student you can get involved in real space missions, analyse data from spacecrafts, and design your own instruments. We offer you workshops, summer schools, international student exchange, and specialised courses. 

Master projects within 4DSpace are directly linked to our ongoing activities. These include space instrumentation, sensor development, electronics, data analysis, numerical modeling.

Are you starting your master's degree this autumn and looking for a unique opportunity? We are recruiting two talented and highly motivated bachelor students to do a rocket thesis. You can fly your thesis on the NASA rocket!

You can tailor your study program towards the space related degree. Several undergraduate and master courses that are highly relevant to the space degree are given at the University of Oslo. 

Every semester students from the University of Oslo have opportunity to design, construct, and launch a sounding rocket together with students from Canada. CaNoRock is a one-week intensive course at Andøya Space Center.

The project “Data Science in the High North: Collaborative Learning and Research” is collaboration between UiO, The University of Electro-Communications, Japan, and Virginia Tech. USA. It offers unique possibility for bachelor and master students to study the global effects of space weather in an international environment.

The Japan-Norway Partnership Programme is a research and education collaboration as well as exchange program between Kobe University and University of Oslo. The area of collaboration is space simulations.