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KnowARC (completed)

From wikipedia:

'Grid-enabled Know-how Sharing Technology Based on ARC Services and Open Standards (KnowARC) was a Sixth Framework Programme Specific Targeted Research Project, funded under Priority IST-2005-2.5.4 "Advanced Grid Technologies, Systems and Services" from June 2006 to November 2009. In many ways it was the project that shaped ARC. The main goal was to make ARC based on open community standards, and among the key results was creation of the standardized Hosting Environment for ARC services (HED).

Apart from its main aim of further developing ARC, it contributed to the development of standards, and increased Grid and ARC usage in medicine and bioinformatics.

In July 2009, KnowARC announced it contributed to the integration of Grid technologies into official Linux repositories by adding Globus Toolkit components into Fedora and Debian repositories.'

Tags: NorduGrid, grid computing, distributed computing, ARC
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