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Nuclear shapes and resonances in education

This partnership project will strengthen the research and education collaboration of UiO with the University of California Berkeley, USA and the University of Stellenbosch and iThemba Labs in South Africa.

The project will make it possible for master and PhD students to participate in cutting edge research, and runs from 2017 through 2019. The project was renewed starting fall 2020. This renewal includes collaboration with TU Darmstad, Université Paris-Saclay and Michigan State University.


The first objective is to do excellent research and involve students in the research project. The project will help increase master and PhD student participation in cutting edge research, including experiments to study exotic nuclei at ISOLDE, CERN, and complementary experiments at iThemba LABS, South Africa, LBNL Berkeley, USA and at the Oslo Cyclotron, Norway. Collaboration meetings, scientific workshops and summer schools will be organized.

Another objective is to make student exchange on all levels easier, by getting good agreements in place between the Universities and pre-approved bachelor course packages.

A third objective is to develop collaboration on education and develop intensive courses for master and PhD students which will give credits at all 3 universities. 

Work Packages


This work package includes increasing student participation in experiments at ISOLDE, CERN, Berkeley, iThemba and Oslo. There will be collaboration meetings to discuss/plan new experiment and write up scientific results. Co-supervision of PhD students and Guest research visits are organized under this workpackage, as well as making the data available for IAEA.


Scientific staff at the 3 universities will collaborate to develop and teach complementary intensive courses. As part of the team we also have C. Tellefsen UiO, who is in charge of improving natural science education at the university of Oslo and has won several prizes for excellent teaching. She will help ensure a high pedagogical quality of the courses.

Student exchange

The work package makes student exchange easier on all levels (bachelor, master and PhD). The student administration at the Department of Physics, University of Oslo, (G.Stavik-Døvle) will be responsible for organizing this workpackage. Student administrations from all 3 universities will get together for weeklong meetings in Oslo, Berkeley and in Stellenbosch. One aim of this work package is to prepare excellent students to enter into our masters and PhD programs with e.g. course recognition


The project is an international partnership for excellent education, research and innovation, INTPART.


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